Procurement Foresters
Gary Messer and Bill Carpenter
are not only lifelong friends,
but are also business partners.
They work hard to insure that
you get the best  possible
service, at top dollar.
Using State of the Art Technology, we
expect no less than top quality, and we
strive to keep it that way.
We are proud to announce
that we kiln dry our own lumber.
With eight species available to the
we offer quality lumber at
wholesale prices.
Surfaced, sanded or rough,
there is sure to be a high
quality product that is right for
your special project.

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Millshop Page.

Please call for pricing and
5 generations of
Timber Harvesting
experience allows us to not only
provide the best possible price
for your timber, but also
excludes the
'Middle Man' - no broker.

We use only our own highly
skilled certified loggers.

We take great pride in our
Our reputation speaks for itself.
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